Photo of Three Week Fescue

Three Week Fescue / Pacific Fescue / Small Fescue

Festuca microstachys (Vulpia microstachys)
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Common Name(s): Three Week Fescue, Pacific Fescue, Small Fescue

Botanical Name(s):

Festuca microstachys (Vulpia microstachys)

Three Week Fescue, Pacific Fescue, Small Fescue
Low growing, quick establishing bunchgrass.  Useful in seed mixtures as a nurse crop, post fire restoration and erosion control.  Drought tolerant and well adapted to sand and loam soils.

Seeds per pound: 420,000
Seeding rate per pound: 5,000 sq. ft.
% Purity  /  % Germination (Typical) 90 / 80
Growing Regions: All areas in western U.S. under 5,300 ft except deserts.
Native To: California
Life Cycle: Annual
Characteristics: Bunchgrass
Season Type: Cool-Season
Exposure: Sun
Height: 6-18 inches
Establishment: Fast
Water Requirements: Very low
Wildlife: None

Cultural Information
If used only as a nurse crop cut off seed heads before they develop.  Will reseed in fall/winter if seed is allowed to develop.

₁ Seeding rate is based on seeding alone.  When seeding with other species the rates should be reduced.  Contact us for recommendations.


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