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Thingrass / Seashore Bentgrass (Agrostis pallens)

Thingrass / Seashore Bentgrass

Agrostis pallens
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Common Name(s): Thingrass, Seashore Bentgrass
Botanical Name: Agrostis pallens


Thingrass, Seashore Bentgrass
A popular native grass that can also be used as a lawn substitute.  Exhibits a deep green color with a fine leaf texture that can either be mowed or left unmowed for a more naturalized meadow look.  Can be combined with other plants or used in rock gardens.  Also for use under trees or shrubs.

Seeds per pound: 2,300,000
Seeding rate per pound: 200 sq. ft.
% Purity  /  % Germination (Typical) 98 / 80
Growing Regions: All climates throughout the western U.S. except deserts.
Native To: California
Life Cycle: Perennial
Characteristics: Rhizome growth habit
Season Type: Cool-Season
Exposure: Sun to Shade
Height: 6 to 24 inches if left unmowed
Establishment: Easy to grow
Water Requirements: Low
Wildlife: Cover for small animals if left unmowed.

Cultural Information:
Tolerates a wide range of soils but needs good drainage.  Tolerates mowing.

₁ Seeding rate is based on seeding alone.  When seeding with other species the rates should be reduced.  Contact us for recommendations.

 CLICK HERE for instructions on planting and maintaining native grasses.

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