Southwest Desert Wildflower Mix - Stover Seed since 1922


Composite photos of Southwest Wildflower Mixture showing flowers in glorious, full bloom!

Southwest Desert Wildflower Mixture

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Add a panorama of color to your garden with this specially formulated mix of 13 annuals, perennials and natives that thrive in the heat of the southwest.  Enjoy the bright tones of Goldfields, Tidy Tips and African Daisy, the cool blues of Bachelor’s Button and Bluebells and the pinks and purples of Clarkia to name a few.

Many make great cut flowers and are self-sowing for blooms year after year!  Adds lush charm to beds and borders, side yards, rock gardens, meadows, or as a replacement for thirsty lawns. 

Available in single packets and as bulk wildflower seeds.

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