Part Shade Wildflower Mix - Stover Seed since 1922


Composite photo of the many colorful flowers in Part Shade Wildflower Seed Mixture.

Part Shade Wildflower Mixture

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Brighten shady garden areas with this colorful mix of 14 carefully selected wildflowers that are adapted to filtered shade or part day sun - very good in north or east exposures. Fast growing and drought tolerant once established, this mix is perfect for bright, informal plantings beneath patio trees and in woodland gardens. You’ll love the variety of shades, textures and forms in this mix, including the blues, lavenders and pinks of Baby Blue Eyes, Larkspur and Sweet William punctuated with vivid splashes of orange from California Poppy, the lavenders and whites of Chinese Houses & Virginia Stock, plus the stunning Purple Coneflower.  Not recommended for dense shade locations. 

Available in single packets and as bulk wildflower seeds.

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