Dominant Plus™ Creeping Bentgrass -Stover Seed since 1922


Dominant Plus Creeping Bentgrass Blend in use on a golf course putting green.

DOMINANT PLUS™ Creeping Bentgrass Seed Blend

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Dominant Plus™ Creeping Bentgrass Blend
Creeping Bentgrass is a cool-season, fine textured, stoloniferous (spreading) perennial grass that originated in Western Europe. It 
is well adapted to cool, humid regions. It is the primary cool-season grass for use on golf course putting greens and tees. Dominant Plus™ Creeping Bentgrass Blend is a reliable blend of beauty, functionality and durability for greens, tees and fairways. Dominant Plus™ combines three bentgrass varieties selected for moderate maintenance requirements. Dominant Plus™ has broad genetic diversity, superior adaptability and proven performance. Planting a blend of these advanced bentgrasses will significantly improve the quality of any turf stand.

Dominant Plus™ combines selected versatile varieties to create a turf with a broad genetic base. This broad base will provide a surface with increased resistance to Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Pythium, and most environmental stresses. All are vigorous, fine textured with medium high shoot densities, and have a dark green color. This results in a surface that is easier to maintain and keep in ideal conditions without the high intensity maintenance of other varieties.

Withstands extreme heat, cold and humidity
Dark green, dense and upright
Excellent disease resistance
Good salt tolerance

Smooth, fast putting surface at any height
Early spring green up and winter active growth

Ease of maintenance
Wide area of adaptation

Dominant Plus™ is an excellent choice on golf courses and other uses such as:
• Putting Greens  • Fairways  • Turf Tennis Courts • Tees  • Lawn Bowling Greens

Seeding Rates
New turf: 1-2 pounds per 1,000 square feet.
Overseeding existing turf: 2-3 pounds per 1,000 square feet.

Emergence: 3-5 days under optimum temperature range between 68-86 °F, longer under cooler temperatures.
First mowing approximately 21 days after emergence (may be longer under cooler temperatures).
First limited use approximately 6-8 weeks after emergence.


98% Minimum purity
85% Minimum germination
6,000,000 seeds per pound

Dominant Plus™ is a registered trademark of Seed Research of Oregon


Water Requirements

Frequent, light watering is necessary for seed to germinate (3-14 days) and become established. Creeping Bentgrass is a cool season (C3) grass with a shallow root system and requires frequent irrigation especially during periods of high temperatures.

Climate Conditions
Creeping Bentgrass is most suitable to cool, humid regions but can be grown in southwest climates with ample water. It is not recommended for climates with consistent high temperatures and humidity.

Soil Conditions
Creeping Bentgrass prefers soils having high fertility, low acidity (pH 5.6-7.0), good drainage and high water holding capacity. Proper amending of the soil to achieve these conditions prior to planting are recommended.

Use of a starter fertilizer when seeding is highly recommended. After establishment fertilize during periods of active growth in Spring and Fall with a balanced fertilizer. Avoid using products with a high nitrogen (N) content as such use increases water usage and may lead to scalping. Apply 4 to 6 pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet per year. Avoid fertilizing during warm summer months.

For a putting surface a reel type mower with at least 7 blades that can cut turf at 0.25 inch is needed. Ideal mowing height is between 0.25 and 0.5 inches. Avoid scalping by mowing frequently during the growing season. Never mow more than 1/3 off of the height at one time.

Other Factors
In order to achieve a healthy and smooth putting surface, aeration (punching holes) and topdressing with silica sand are recommended in the spring and fall.


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