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Photo of Sandberg Bluegrass

Sandberg Bluegrass / Pine Bluegrass

Poa secunda
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Common Name(s): Sandberg Bluegrass, Pine Bluegrass
Botanical Name: Poa secunda


Sandberg Bluegrass, Pine Bluegrass
A widespread species of grass that's useful in native seed mixtures or used on its own for erosion control
and revegetation after fires. Very drought tolerant as it goes dormant during the summer.

Seeds per pound: 1,000,000
Seeding rate per pound: 10,000 sq.ft.
% Purity  /  % Germination (Typical) 90 / 80
Growing Regions: All except deserts
Native To: North and South America
Life Cycle: Perennial
Characteristics: Bunchgrass
Season Type: Cool-Season
Exposure: Part Shade to Sun
Height: 12-24 inches
Establishment: Fast  7-21 days
Water Requirements: Low
Wildlife: Bird Nesting, Cover

Cultural Information:

₁ Seeding rate is based on seeding alone.  When seeding with other species the rates should be reduced.  Contact us for recommendations.

 CLICK HERE for instructions on planting and maintaining native grasses.

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