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Photo of Nodding Stipa

Nodding Stipa / Needle Grass

Stipa cernua (Nasella cernua)
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Common Names: Nodding Stipa (Needle Grass)
Botanical Names: Stipa cernua (Nasella cernua)

Nodding Stipa / Needle Grass
Fine leaved
perennial bunchgrass with attractive foilage.  Very drought tolerant.  Useful in native mixtures with wildflowers for erosion control and for low maintenance golf roughs. It is an excellent grass for use in harsh conditions.

Seeds per pound: 210,000
Seeding rate per pound: 1,200 sq. ft.
% Purity  /  % Germination (Typical) 90 / 60
Growing Regions: Throughout California below 5,000 ft.
Native To: California
Life Cycle: Perennial
Characteristics: Bunchgrass
Season Type: Cool Season
Exposure: Sun to part shade
Height: 12-20 inches
Establishment: Fast
Water Requirements: Low
Wildlife: Butterflies, Moths

Cultural Information
For commercial and residential applications watering 2x per month in summer will extend growing season.

₁ Seeding rate is based on seeding alone.  When seeding with other species the rates should be reduced.  Contact us for recommendations.

 CLICK HERE for instructions on planting and maintaining native grasses.

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