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Micro Clover
Micro Clover
Micro Clover
Micro Clover
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Micro Clover

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Microclover® is a unique clover plant developed by DLF Pickseed breeders. It is a very tiny white clover featuring all the benefits of traditional clover and more. Microclover® is gaining in popularity around the world as a natural solution for a dense, healthy turf in areas requiring low maintenance. When used at a low rate in grass seed mixtures, Microclover® will produce a beautiful self sustaining lawn. The Microclover® plants create a canopy within the grasses that prevents weeds, such as dandelions, from establishing. It also fixes atmospheric nitrogen into a usable form of natural fertilizer for the grass. The Microclover® plants are evenly dispersed via stolons, resulting in an attractive blending of grasses and clover. White grubs prefer not to eat Microclover® roots and the adults don't prefer to lay their eggs in Microclover®. Thus, Microclover® combined with tall fescues can help control grub damage in turf applications.

 CLICK HERE to download the Microclover data sheet as seen below.

Live seeds per ounce: 25,000
Seeding rate per ounce: 65-125 sq ft
Climate Zones (see map) 1-5
Native To: Europe
Life Cycle: Perennial
Exposure: Sun-Light Shade
Height (inches): 4-6 (unmowed)
Bloom Period: Spring-Summer
Flower Color(s): White
Germination Period: 7-14 Days
Water Requirements: Moderate
Cultural Information: Provide supplemental irrigation in absence of winter rains.


  • Widely adapted, grows throughout the U.S.
  • Smaller leaf and growth habit than white clover
  • Attracts bees, butterflies and beneficial insects
  • Perennial, low growing ground cover mixes well with lawn grasses
  • Rapid germination and establishment helps control weed infestation
  • Nitrogen fixing bacteria reduces fertilizer requirement and maintenance

Uses: Lawns in a grass mixture, Parks, Sportsfields, Ground Cover, Erosion Control, Soil Improvement, Cover Crops

Seeding Rates:

  • Lawns: Because of a high seed count, Microclover should only comprise 5% of a grass seed mix. 
  • If seeding alone seed at the rate of 1 pound per 1,000 square feet.


  • In southern climates seed in late winter to early spring and late summer to early fall.

  • In northern climates seed in late winter to early spring or when temperature is 40⁰ or greater at night.

  • Clover does best with a soil pH between 6.0 and 7.0.  If pH is low add lime to adjust.

  • Germination in 7-14 days under optimal temperature and moisture conditions.


Microclover®  (Trifolium repens)  
45% Minimum purity
50% Nitro Coat Seed Coating                                         
45% Minimum Germination
45% Minimum Hard Seed*
90% Total Germination and Hard Seed
400,000 seeds per pound
*Hard seed is viable seed that takes longer to germinate.

Microclover® is a registered trademark of DLF Pickseed

For instructions on seeding and care: Planting Clover Seed


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